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The advantages of using NETFILE

  • Filing your tax return electronically using NETFILE is easy.
  • You get your tax refund FAST, usually within 10 days.
  • NETFILE saves you paper and hassle.
  • You get an immediate acknowledgement that your return has been received.
  • There is never a charge to NETFILE your tax return once generated with TurboTax.


How to organize your tax return

1.     Find the NETFILE access code you received from the CRA by mail. If you cannot find it, it can be obtained from the CRA website or by calling 1-800-714-7257. Quebec residents can also enjoy all the benefits of filing their return with UFile using NETFILE Quebec. Call 1-888-811-7362 or visit the Revenu Quebec website to obtain an access code.

2.     Collect all your tax slips.

3.     Separate your tax slips according to the names appearing on the slips: yours, your spouse's, your son's, your daughter's, etc.

4.     Organize them within those piles according to the type of slip: T4, T5, charitable donations, etc.

5.     Make sure you have everyone's social insurance number handy.

6.     Consider expenses for which you don't get a slip:

·         Safety deposit boxes

·         Documents regarding the new Home Buyers Amount if you bought your first home after January 2010

·         Rent amounts paid

7.     Tally up your medical expenses. It's a good idea to make a list. Sort them by date, and consider using a non-calendar year-end in order to benefit from more medical expenses in a given 12-month period.

8.     If you did not use TurboTax last year, take out last year's tax returns and assessments, and find out what deductions you're able to carry forward. This includes items such as your RRSP deduction limit, charitable donations, carry forwards, medical expenses -- if you don't claim them in the calendar year -- as well as unused home office expenses.

TIP: TurboTax will carry forward information from prior years. TurboTax can also import information from selected other tax software products.

9.     Print copies of your tax return(s) and store them in a safe place along with all supporting documentation for the next 7 years.