UFile | Tax software for Canadians. Get the best possible tax refund
It’s increasingly commonplace these days for individuals to do their own taxes with the help of tax software -- and this year we're likely to witness the same.In part, it’s the prospect of completing your tax return so much faster that has made e-filing so attractive. And then there's the cost savings -- software has made it easy enough for most people to complete their tax returns successfully, avoiding having to spend money getting a professional to do the job.Many Canadians are using UFile software from Dr. Tax Software Inc. This company has been around since 1987, and sells software to professional tax and accounting firms too. For $15.95 an individual ($24.95 for a family) can use the online version of the software to file their taxes.

10 reasons why UFile is right for you!
  • Canada's online tax software has a background of experience and excellence.
  • It is affordable. At only $15.95 for individuals and $24.95 for a family, UFile offers unparalleled quality at a reasonable price.
  • UFile is backed by 20 years of tax software design experience. The calculation engine behind UFile has been used to prepare millions of tax returns for all provinces and territories.
  • Only UFile has the powerful MaxBack refund analyzer designed to save you money by examining your tax data to find every possible deduction and transfer that will minimize your taxes and maximize your refund.
  • UFile was one of the first online tax products ever certified for NETFILE by the CRA. UFile continues this trend by obtaining NETFILE certification from the CRA and Revenue Quebec in a timely way, year after year.
  • UFile is all-Canadian. Owned and operated by Canadians, UFile is proud to offer a completely Canadian solution to filing your federal (and Quebec) tax return(s).
  • Try UFile before you buy it. Enter all your tax information, view a summary of your completed return and pay only when you are ready to file.
  • UFile is convenient. Come back as often as you like. Plus, online means you can access your tax return from anywhere in the world.
  • UFile takes the security of your tax data very seriously. Your confidential user ID and password give you, and only you, access to your tax information. Read more about UFile and security.
  • With UFile, you can even go as far back as tax year 1999 to prepare overdue returns.
In Canada, uFile and TurboTax are the two major players in the tax software industry. Most Canadians are using either uFile or TurboTax.